25 Unique functions for Pantyhose

I love this little trick. My friend was as basketball player for halloween and wanted need fake tattoos to try and do her costume. She didn’t want to draw on her arm so she drew her designs on a set of nude pantyhose and wore it on her arm.

I tried this and tried to trick my roommates. I drew a flower on the pantyhose then rub it my arm. When I showed it to each of my roommates they were really like, “Thats great you drew a flower dealing with your arm, When I pulled down the pantyhose they were like, “WOAH I TOTALLY attention YOU wholesale authentic jerseys DREW THAT ON YOUR ARM, True story and it worked on 4 individuals!

Pantyhose are more than a soft delicate material that makes them great for polishing most surfaces. I put the shine back in this old lamp just by handling it a light buffing. i did not even use any polish its all in the pantyhose.

actions 4: Vacuum Find Lost accessories

I am alway dropping small objects like beads and the backs of my earrings on a lawn. A simple strategy for finding small lost objects is by placing pantyhose over the head cheap jerseys of the vacuum hose, solidifying it with a rubber band (So the pantyhose avoid getting sucked up!), And a vacuum under tables and chairs. The objects are quickly answered with out getting sucked away into the vacuum!

walk 5: Pot and dish Scrubber

No need to keep buying new dish towels you probably have SO many old pantyhose. Clean cooked on food and oil spills off your cookware. Just add dish soapy a bit of man power.

i really enjoy seeing I have always hate the way cotton balls feel. I can’t really explain it but squishing them makes me shiver. I usually use mouthwash when removing nail polish, But I found that using pantyhose is a incredibly easier solution. Nail polish comes off faster and easier in case you use pantyhose instead of cotton balls or toilet paper. you should also reuse the pantyhose so no waste is produced!

gait 9: Tie Objects to each other

Pantyhose have incredible property of elasticity!

OMG elasticity YOU SAY? But how can I employ this elasticity?

Keep objects bundled with him or her by tying a super stretchy pair of pantyhose around them!

When dogs attack stuffed animals with their sharp teeth and cats maul your teddy bears arm with their razor claws perform some light surgery by replacing the stuffing with pantyhose.

notification: Never google images of teddy bears in a place you don’t feel at ease ooohh ing and awwww ing out loud.

move 12: Test Sanded base for Snags

Ned wholesale jerseys to try out your sanded surfaces for snags, But scared to splinters? have a thepantyhose test. Put some of pantyhose around your and rub it over the wood. If the pantyhose snags onto any spots you should exactly where you need to re sand. Same concept different device.

Store old bits of soap as pantyhose. Use it at the sink or in the shower to keep by yourself clean. you can also use a new bar of soap for this. The pantyhose helps exfoliate your skin layer so its a 2 in 1 process!

enter 14: Patch a Hole in a screen

For a brief fix to a hole in your screen door use pantyhose and duct tape to patch small areas.

factor 15: eliminate Soil From Leaving Pot

To prevent food from getting down your sinks drain cover your bowl with two pantyhose before pouring it in the sink. This is useful when you are having soup and ensure throw away the liquid in the trash.

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